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Welcome to the future
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Wednesday, 16 Dec 2015 @ 07:37 am - Christmas Shopping Delight
Gen: Looking fabulous in green
"Will we need Muggle money?" Colin asks from the en suite and I glare at the door.

"Well, of COURSE we're going to need Muggle money! Last I checked, Burberry does not knuts," I say as I walk into the loo and set his toothbrush out. The steam from the shower rises like dry ice and I take a moment to peek through the shower stall door at the fine arse inside.

"If we dropped a few gold coins, I'm sure they wouldn't mind," he says through gargles of water.

"Mmm... would love to see you drop a few things right about now," I answer craning my neck to openly leer at my husband.

He turns around and sees me watching him and nods for me to join him. "I'll wash your back if you wash mine," he practically growls and I swear my cock jumps at that tone.

"I'd love to," Lords, I'd love to! "but if we don't head out soon, we'll miss out on all the specials."

Down boy!

It takes every ounce of reserve to peel away from the wall beside the shower and head into the bedroom to slip on my shoes.
Tuesday, 01 Dec 2015 @ 09:20 pm - Put on Your Red Shoes and Dance the Blues
Gen: Aroused
I make my way down to the pitch, my heels…fuck—heels—bloody Harry! Why can't Professors Apparate at Hogwarts clatter against the stone floor. I bet Hermione could tell me why we can't Apparate at Hogwarts I'm just praying I don't meet up with anyone.

I exit onto the front lawn and make my way across the damp grass. The stiletto heels sink into the soft dirt and I stumble several times before making it to the edge of the Pitch.

"Ron? What the bloody hell!" Ginny's voice rings out from in front of me and my face heats as my eyes meet hers. "Why…you…obliviate...threw up a little in my mouth."

"Ginny, I can explain…"

I see Harry by the hoops and he raises his wand, his grinning, and his eyes seem to be burning into me. There's a breeze around my private that does nothing to stop my erection from coming back full force and when he beckons me to him I shiver.

"Did you bring the gloves?" Harry demands and I reach into my robes and hand the soft leather gloves to him. "The handcuffs?"

"Yeah, Harry…"

"Did I say you could speak?" Harry growls. "Unzip your robes, go kneel by the hoop, and lace your hands around the goal post."
Sunday, 15 Nov 2015 @ 03:40 pm - Someone's in the bath with Ron
Gen: Coy
I rush through the castle, my eyes darting to and fro, and I realize I must find a place to hide from Harry. I'm not sure where Harry wouldn't look but I got to find some place quickly. He's found out about the shoes I sent to Noah and I have to confess I think he's gone a bit mad.

I hope he doesn't do anything to Noah.

I see Hermione's classroom out of the corner of my eye. He'll never look for me here. I dart inside, slam the door behind me, and I quickly ward the door to Harry's magical signature. I take a deep breath and lean back against the cool wood frame.


"Hermione." I look up and meet my wife's eyes. "Err...what are you doing here?"

Hermione rolls her eyes, "This is my classroom and as you can see I'm grading essays."


"Because I'm behind and I need to get caught up so I can start making plans for finding a Muggle doctor."

She tucks a few strands of hair behind her ear and stares at me for several moments.

"Why are you hiding in my classroom?"

I shrug my shoulders and sigh. "I might have given Noah seven pairs of Harry's Pradas and umm...Harry is a bit mental."


"I reckon chasing me through the Forbidden Forest on foot might make him a tad bit mental, yeah?" I run my hand through my hair. "I need to be distracted and...have I was wondering if you'd like to sneak up to the Prefects Bath with me?"
Monday, 16 Nov 2015 @ 03:37 pm - He's Drunk Again and Looking to Score...
Gen: Spying on Bridget
"Noah!" I shout pounding on the bathroom door. "Just hand me the gin and come out."

The door swings open and Noah glares at me. He's a bit scary despite the fact he's wearing a white with pink cherry blossoms robe that looks like one of those kimonos Hermione wore when she was pregnant with the twins. I'm not sure she didn't own a matching one.

"You! You are the reason for this! Arse babies! You leave me alone!"

He slams the door in my face and I can hear him muttering.

"Bloody Harry Potter and his magic hands. Selfish, conceited, lousy, taker backer of shoes!"

I hear him slam the medicine cupboard, "I need a valium!"

I lean against the wall, resting my head against this, and realize I'm going to have to call Colin. How do I explain this?

I move the living room and dodge Frank when he swoops down to try and peck me.

"Look Frank," I shout. "I didn't know Harry would get all mental."

I move back down the hallway and peer through the keyhole. Noah is sitting on the counter, drinking gin from the bottle, and he's rocking back and forth singing something under his breath.

I snatch the floo powder, dodging Frank again, and throw some into the fireplace. I appear in Colin's shop and he jumps about a foot.


"Yeah, I need you to come home."


"Harry went all mental about the Prada's." I say and Colin's mouth drops open. "Noah's locked himself in the loo with a bottle of gin and something called Valium."

"I'm on my way!"
gen - eyes
Poking at my plate, I prop my head in my hand and stare into space. Nausea has stolen my appetite, but at least I know why now.

After the Howler at breakfast -- even if the rumor hadn't made it's way around yet -- everyone knows I'm knocked up. Harry and Ron have been avoiding me and I don't know why. Bridget alternately stares at me and smiles. I haven't spoken to Emma and James yet, but I can't imagine they're exactly pleased.

"Professor Granger?"

Blinking, I startle and sit up. Looking down, I see Miss Elidan. "Yes, Miss Elidan?"

She blushes and twirls a strand of hair around her finger. "Is Professor Weasley well? He ran out of here looking green."

Only then do I notice Ron is no longer sitting beside me. There are two letters there, though. He ran off.

"Professor Weasley is fine, just a little distraught." I set my utensils down and stand up. "I'll find him and make sure he's fine."

I can feel all eyes on me as I exit the Great Hall. The last two times I was pregnant, I avoided Hogwarts, now I'm here. Speaking of here, where the hell is Ron? Makes me wish for that telepathy thing he and Harry have -- well, sometimes.

I notice feet sticking out from underneath a long tapestry near our rooms. Standing in front of the tapestry, I poke the center of the lump with my wand.

"Buggering hell!"
Saturday, 14 Nov 2015 @ 01:34 am - Questions and Answers with Professor RJ Lupin
Default: Playing Chess
Harry and I walked Hermione back to our quarters after we visited with Madam Pomfrey. She says our vasectomies are still intact and there are no "swimming spermies". She confirmed Hermione is pregnant and something happened. It was as if someone switched a flip and Hermione became very excited about doing everything the Muggle way.

I left her making lists in our room, walked Harry to the edge of the grounds, and now I'm standing outside Remus' door wondering why exactly I chose to come here.

I can hear voices from inside the room so I know they're still awake and there's no silencing charm about the door so I can tell they aren't having sex.

I'm just getting ready to raise my hand when the door flies open.

"Hello Professor Papa," Sirius grins and motions me in. "You are a very fertile lot aren't you. I think you should name this one after me."

Remus stands and tightens his dressing gown before growling at Sirius, "Leave the boy alone Sirius, go talk to your godson."

"Harry's here?" I look around. "I imagine he's here for the same reason. Hermione's pregnant and we want to know why."

Remus grins and motions me to sitting area, "Well see, Ron when a man, that's you, loves a woman..."

I roll my eyes, "I know how but I don't know how!" Sirius laughs and I glare at him. "Honestly you should talk to your godson about his chosen sperm!"
Friday, 13 Nov 2015 @ 11:09 pm - Here We Go Again--This is Not Happening
Gen: Ron testing equipment
Bridget's revelation was a punch in the gut and while frantically searching for Sirius, I ran into Susan sneaking out of Neville's quarters. I frantically explained that I had an "emergency" with Hermione and that I needed Harry to come right away. She volunteered to watch the twins and I immediately mirror-called Harry to let him know to get back to school. I briefly noticed that he was pale but I can't worry about Harry's health right now.



She reversed the vasectomies.


Yeah Ron, chanting it in your head won't make it not true!

"I think I'm going to be sick," I grumbled and look down the staircase for Harry. "Where the bloody hell is he?"

I see him coming up the first set of stairs, taking them two at a time, and our eyes meet.

"You know?" Harry's voice rings out in my head.

"Why...why would she reverse our vasectomies, mate?"

Harry looks a bit green when he reaches the top of the stairs and he grabs my hand.

"Again? How...Why..."

"We need to ask our wife." I growl. "I don't care if she needs her beauty sleep."

Harry tugs my arm and drags me towards our quarters. "You wake her..."

"No way," I mutter and stomp my foot. "You're the Chosen One remember!"
Friday, 13 Nov 2015 @ 09:03 pm - Consulting with my siblings
Bridget-red sweater
It takes a little effort to sneak out, but I manage to do it. I think Papa is suspicious since I wouldn't meet his eyes at dinner. The Marauder's Map has been really useful.

As quietly as I can, I make my way to the hump-backed witch. Two Slytherins pass at the end of the hall and I have to plaster myself into an alcove so they don't see me. Finally, they pass and I hurriedly whisper the password and sneak into the Hogsmeade tunnel.

How am I going to tell Em and James that Mum is pregnant again? And that she doesn't know?

I'm sure James is going to say he should have figured it out, but boys are stupid about women's cycles and things. I'll bet he doesn't even know that I'll be starting mine soon.

Zonko's is quiet when I emerge in the basement, making me briefly curse myself for not taking the passage under the Whomping Willow. With Papa so suspicious, he'd surely notice me freezing the Willow and I'd be in a world of trouble. A whispered and wandless Alohomora later, I'm on the high street. Tugging my cloak higher, I make my way home.

It's awfully dark out here.
Saturday, 31 Oct 2015 @ 09:01 pm - A Visit to the Owlery
Ginny default
I lean into Ron as he's grabbing his fourth piece of treacle tart and whisper into his ear, "When this is over I'd like us to talk."

"Twlk?" Ron replies his mouth full of treacle tart. "Vhy?"

Oh I love how much Ron hasn't changed. He's always hated to "talk"

"Because," I smirk and raise my eyebrow. "I want to talk to you about woman things."

Ron swallows his treacle tart and his discomfort is more than a bit apparent.

"Ginny, isn't that why you have Hermione, Tonks, and Susan?" Ron mutters and the tip of his ears turn bright red. "You know I'm not good at woman's stuff."

I wave to Emma and James and Emma winks at me. She nods her head towards Oliver Wood and points to Bridget. I see Harry shifted out of the corner of my eye and the frown lines around his mouth deepen.

"Ron," I giggle. "Does Harry have a problem with Oliver?"

Ron looks at Harry before elbowing him, "It's a crush--remember Hermione with Lockhart?"

"Why is he so interesting to all my family?" Harry mutters and looks at me. "Sorry, Ginny. I didn't mean to distract you from convincing Ron to talk about woman things."

"No, Harry," I grin. "I haven't properly thanked you for the blackmail that will allow me to steal Ron away from you and Hermione for about an hour."

Ron groans and Hermione turns her head, "Harry gave you blackmail on Ron? What blackmail? Do I know about this blackmail."

"Of course," Ron mutters. "You know everything about me."

I stifle my smile, "So you ready to go Ron?"
Saturday, 31 Oct 2015 @ 04:33 am - Oh my feet!
Mature: Telling Ron to stay
Hermione sent us to the kitchen for waffles after our shower this morning. Reminding us that she's watching her figure and wants whipped cream instead of ice cream this time.

My feet are still killing me and when we reach the kitchen, I pin Ron to the icebox.

"You and I have unsettled business," I tell him, looking up to meet his gaze. My hand seems small in that expansive chest of his and my libido kicks in again. Damn him! Control yourself, Potter!

"What are you on about now?" he says looking down at my hand on his chest, the corner of one lip curving up into a half-smile. He looks down at my bare feet as I try to crack my toes and he grins before meeting my gaze. "Oh, the shoes. Sorry," he says sheepishly and I narrow my eyes at him.

"Sorry? My feet are not the only thing you and I have to talk about," I say pushing away from him to lean against the counter opposite him. "Those were my favorite Pradas. You don't mess with a man's broom or his shoes," I tell him crossing my arms. He looks me over, stopping to ogle my hips and that stare along makes my cock twitch. Fuck! Is it impossible for you to think with the other head, Potter?
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